WrestleMania 40 just received a seismic shakeup. The WrestleMania 40 press conference witnessed another dramatic turn, leaving fans buzzing and the main event picture completely reshuffled. Recent reports have surfaced suggesting potential main events for WrestleMania 40, featuring top stars like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and The Rock.

Last week, on Smackdown, saw a pivotal turn when Cody Rhodes declared he wouldn’t be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. This decision prompted The Rock to step in as his replacement, causing Rhodes to exit the ring. Fans expressed outrage, feeling Rhodes was unfairly sidelined. The social media outcry, “#WeWantCody” trending worldwide, underscored their discontent with WWE’s decision.

However, another twist unfolded at the WrestleMania 40 press conference. Initially, The Rock and Roman Reigns announced they would square off at the event. But Cody Rhodes, winner of the Royal Rumble 2024, interjected, declaring his intention to face Reigns instead, altering the main event landscape once again. Triple H confirmed via X (formerly Twitter) that Rhodes would indeed challenge Reigns for the title, not The Rock, making it a marquee match for WrestleMania 40.

A recent report by wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez outlined potential main events for WrestleMania 40. He suggested a tag team clash between Rock & Roman vs. Cody & Seth as the night one main event, with Cody vs. Roman for the Undisputed Title headlining on night two and Seth facing the Elimination Chamber winner in another highly anticipated bout.

Following the chaotic press conference, it’s clear that WWE is pointing towards Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins teaming up against Roman Reigns and The Rock. It will be interesting to see what unfolds next.

The Rock officially in training for ring returns at WrestleMania 40

Just hours before the WWE WrestleMania 40 press conference, The Rock made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. The Great One was questioned about his intentions for WrestleMania 40. During his appearance on the show, The Rock confirmed that he would indeed be wrestling at WrestleMania 40. He also disclosed that he is currently undergoing training camp preparations for his imminent return to the ring.

The altercation at the WrestleMania 40 press conference, where The Rock slapped Cody Rhodes, sparked a whirlwind of reactions among fans. Additionally, The Great One engaged in a tense confrontation with Triple H backstage immediately after the chaotic brawl ensued. The upcoming months in the WWE are going to get very interesting as WrestleMania 40 approaches.

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