Halo Season 2 has brought in a different-looking Cortana and fans wish to know why that is the case. Who plays the character in the latest season? Here’s all you need to know.

Who plays Cortana in Halo Season 2?

While Jen Taylor continues to voice Cortana from season 1 and the games, Christina Bennington has been cast to physically portray her.

Jen Taylor has always been involved with the beloved AI’s voice roles across all Halo games. With the popular gaming series getting a live-action show, Cortana’s voice actor remained the same in it as well.

Despite the changes to her design, Taylor still voices the character in Season 2. She was involved with the motion capture of Cortana in the previous season. But those duties have been taken over by London’s West End star, Christina Bennington. The 32-year-old Irish actor and singer is known for her work on Bat Out of Hell: The Musical and physically plays Cortana in Halo Season 2.

Why does Cortana look different in Halo Season 2?

After criticisms from Season 1, Cortana’s design was remodeled in Season 2, making her look different.

Fans of the Halo games were unhappy about multiple elements of the live-action show’s first season. One of those was Master Chief constantly removing his helmet and another was Cortana’s design. While the helmet situation still prevails, the creatives involved with Season 2 heard the die-hard fans about Cortana.

The initial backlash was due to Cortana’s more human-like design in season 1. Season 2 does continue that, but a few changes have been made. One of those was adding Christina Bennington’s face to her. The second was a bigger emphasis on her blue glow, making her seem more like the way she is portrayed in the video games.

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