Popular K-drama Doctor Slump aired a brand new episode 7 on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC. The episode is also available to stream on Netflix. The series follows the story of two high school rivals, Yeo Jeong-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik) and Nam Ha-Neul (Park Shin-Hye). The duo reunited 14 years later during the worst times of their lives. Gradually, they become friends and fall in love while navigating their personal and professional lives.

Episode 7 of Doctor Slump saw Yeo Jeong-Woo finally confess his love to Nam Ha-Neul. Jeong-Woo earned his excellent reputation back after securing evidence to present in his hearing. Moreover, he also won the case by giving the evidence and having the real culprit arrested. Despite the win, Jeong-Woo took some time to recover and gather his thoughts. By the end of the episode, he confessed to liking Nam Ha-Neul, the only person who ever truly believed in him.

Doctor Slump Episode 7: Park Hyung-Sik wins the case, makes his much-awaited confession

The latest Doctor Slump episode 7 began with Yeo Jeong-Woo reflecting on childhood memories. His was the only kidney bean plant in school that didn’t sprout. The incident marked Jeong-Woo’s first failure. However, he soon realized that life was the same and not everything was in his control. When he longed for a family to care for him and someone to believe in him, Nam Ha-Neul appeared.

Then, the episode picked up from last week’s incident when an injured Jeong-Woo followed his attacker. But the mystery man escaped after getting him from the car. He headed to the police station to look at the CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Ha-Neul discovered a spy camera in his house and realized he already found many more in his clinic. Ha-Neul took him to the hospital and cried at Jeong-Woo’s situation. She realized it wasn’t just a petty scandal about the surgery gone wrong, but someone was trying to attack Jeong-Woo.

Dr. Bin Dae-Young updated himself about Jeong-Woo’s third hearing the following day. He met with Lee Hong-Ran, and they reflected on their previous meeting. Meanwhile, Ha-Neul stole the iron and food from her house to feed Jeong-Woo, who was preparing for his trial. As Ha-Neul was ready to join him, her brother revealed that he’d seen a man following Jeong-Woo as he moved into their apartment.

Ha-Neul informed Jeong-Woo and left to accompany him for the trial. But he was gone. The prosecution was delayed only because Jeong-Woo remained absent from court. As his lawyer tried to postpone it, he appeared with a pen drive containing the evidence. Jeong-Woo met with his assistant nurse, Kang Jin-Seok, who was also the mystery man. The casino heiress’ uncle was the culprit as he tried to inherit her fortune and killed her out of anger.

Kang Jin-Seok was a scapegoat for a similar medical accident that Jeong-Woo faced. Out of habit, he installed cameras inside Jeong-Woo’s clinic and house to prevent it from happening again. The same cameras caught the culprits adding anticoagulants to the heiress’ IV and even bribing a nurse to attach the same drip during the operation, leading to the heiress’ death. Although Jeong-Woo won the case, he took some time to recover.

People who accused Jeong-Woo now wanted to use him and his case to promote their products. Meanwhile, Ha-Neul’s family started frying meat on the rooftop as an excuse to call Jeong-Woo. Ultimately, he came out and shared a meal and drinks with the family. They helped comfort him in their silly ways.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bin Dae-Young also revealed to LEe Hong-Ran that he cared about Jeong-Woo, although they had a falling out. When he called Jeong-Woo, Ha-Neul’s mother picked up the phone and scolded him for showing concern this late. By the end of the episode, Jeong-Woo asked Ha-Neul to accompany him for a drink. He discussed having hit rock bottom but being able to survive only because of Ha-Neul’s support.

Jeong-Woo called him his medication, compared her to a candy in a salted pond, and eventually confessed to liking her. Throughout the rest of the night, a drunk Jeong-Woo continued to express his feelings for Ha-Neul. This made her realize how lonely he’d been all his life. At the end of the episode, she reciprocated his feelings as the two held hands under the moonlight.

Remember to tune in to Doctor Slump Episode 8 on Sunday, February 18, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and later on Netflix to watch their love story unfold.


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