Dan Quinn has looked good in maroon for a long time. He wore the color growing up in the Morristown youth system and for Morristown High School.

Now, Quinn will go back to his maroon roots as the head coach of the Washington Commanders.

“Spoiler alert: You’ll hear me say often, ‘Be where your feet are,'” Quinn said at his introductory press conference on Monday afternoon.

“Actually, I try not to say it. I do try to live it, and I’m pretty good at it too, with one exception. Over the past few years, there’s five words that have probably tested my feet and my head: ‘If I get another shot.’ … I’m a little older, maybe a little more chrome, and hopefully a little bit wiser. But I’m also incredibly grateful for all of that that has led to my feet being here.”

Dan Quinn namechecks his Jersey roots

Morristown High School grad Dan Quinn recalled growing up "a Jersey kid" and following the NFC Easts battles when he was introduced Monday as the new coach for the Washington Commanders.

A two-way tackle and occasional center at Morristown, Quinn noted to the Commanders media how he “grew up a Jersey kid, watching the NFC East for a long time.”

“That’s what football was to me, and that’s where my first love of it came,” he said during his news conference.


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