With a Moana live-action trailer for 2025 going viral, people are asking if it is real or fake. Will Zendaya be in the film’s cast? Here’s all you need to know.

Is the trailer for Moana Live-Action (2025) remake real or fake?

The trailer for the live-action Moana (2025) remake is fake and fan-made.

Cinematic Pro Studio launched the above trailer, which uses deep-fake footage of Dwayne Johnson and Zendaya as Maui and Moana, respectively. Cinematic Pro Studio is known for releasing concept trailers and has released different versions of the live-action Moana trailers in the past. But none of them are official.

While a live-action Moana movie is currently under development, an official trailer for it hasn’t been released by Disney yet. After all, the film is currently under production. While it was initially slated to come out in summer 2025, Puck reported that the release schedule has been changed due to Moana 2 (which releases on November 27, 2024).

Is Zendaya in the Moana live-action remake cast?

Zendaya is not confirmed to be a part of the live-action Moana remake cast.

Few updates have happened since Dwayne Johnson’s announcement of a live-action Moana movie in 2023. The cast has not been announced, but Auli’i Cravalho (original voice of Moana) has been revealed to be sitting out of the film.

As for Zendaya, she is not confirmed to play Moana either. She is currently promoting Challengers, and is expected to film the MCU’s Spider-Man 4 next. So, whether she is currently involved with the production of the live-action Moana remains to be seen as the cast of the film is under wraps.

Comingsoon will provide updates as soon as the cast of the upcoming live-action Moana remake is announced.

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