BeautifyBeauties Continuous Spray Mister Bottle

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BeautifyBeauties Continuous Spray Bottle

This continuous spray bottle provides a fine, even mist that covers large areas quickly and can be used for your hair products, cleaning solutions, water so you can mist your houseplants, and more. After the second trigger pull, the bottle will give off a continuous spray, so it’s super easy to use!

On the fence? Check out these reviews…

I picked up this continuous spray bottle because, if you know, you know – styling my daughter’s curly hair used to be quite a finger workout. But with this handy gadget, one quick spray keeps it going for seconds, turning hair time into an absolute breeze. – Hip Sidekick, Rachel

Wasn’t expecting this to be as great as it is. Its mist spray is like a mist great for making leaves dewy or using as a makeup spray for an even application on the face! The mist actually keeps spraying for a couple of seconds after you let go of the nozzle, which is so great. I love this; it’s a steal for sure.

I am thoroughly impressed with the spray bottle. I have naturally thick, curly hair and the mist from the spray bottle penetrates my hair, which is awesome.

The mist is just right. I use it with my rose water for my everyday makeup routine and it’s super easy to clean and use.

Make your own hair detangler!


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