AI And Video-Based Learning: The Perfect L&D Partnership?

Videos have been a mainstay in training strategies for years, thanks to their interactivity and immersiveness. But now AI has entered the scene, giving organizations the opportunity to take their video-based training strategies to the next level. This guide by CommLab India examines how AI and video-based learning can help you create more meaningful, personalized training programs for your team.

eBook Release: Next-Gen Training: Unlocking The Power Of AI In Video-Based Learning

eBook Release

Next-Gen Training: Unlocking The Power Of AI In Video-Based Learning

Explore how two formidable forces converge to redefine corporate learning, delivering a more personalized, efficient, and impactful training experience.

Video-Based Learning Is Still Going Strong

Videos facilitate practical application and improve knowledge retention. As such, it’s no surprise that they’re still one of the most popular training tools. One of their prime benefits is that they’re so versatile. For example, you can offer learners bite-sized demos to foster hands-on experience as part of your microlearning program. You can also incorporate comprehensive safety training videos to reduce compliance risks and walk employees through every step of complicated tasks. And when you add Artificial Intelligence to the equation, video-based learning becomes even more adaptable and accessible. However, you need AI software expertise to get the most from this technology. That’s where this guide steps in with implementation tips and guidance on how to find the right eLearning solution provider.

About This eBook

How does AI help you enrich video-based learning initiatives? What’s the most effective way to show the correlation between AI-powered video learning and improved ROI? Which trends should you be on the lookout for this year? Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Why Is Video-Based Learning Still Relevant?
  • Exploring Diverse Formats Of Video-Based Learning
  • Harnessing AI For Enhanced Video-Based Learning
  • Design And Implementation: Measuring Impact On Corporate Training ROI
  • Emerging Trends In Video-Based Learning

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