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Recently, the games industry has been shaken by news that could change the dynamic between console giants Xbox and PlayStation. A number of recent leaks suggested that Microsoft may be planning to put aside exclusivity and bring its catalog of titles like Halo to rival platforms…even to the PS5 This fans of this rumor flame were stoked even further by a recent GameStop ad that referred to Game Pass as “Microsoft Game Pass” The internet was so aflame, Xbox head Phil Spencer had to break his silence and reveal a “business update event” coming on an undisclosed day the week of February 12 that should debunk (or perhaps confirm) the rumors. Either you are excited about the prospect of playing more Xbox titles on any platform you want, or you are lamenting the end of an era for team green. Although it seems like most die-hard Xbox fans are decidedly not OK at the moment.

With so many leaks happening in the past days and weeks it’s hard to know which Xbox games could lose their exclusivity status and end up on PlayStation consoles and/or the Nintendo Switch Here’s a roundup of all the rumors, leaks, and reports for every game in one place. Take a look.


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